Hypnosis Training Courses – Canada

We run Certified Omni Training Courses 2 to 3 times a year in Western Canada

The next Scheduled course will be in March 2018, on Vancouver Island ,B.C


We also have Free Self Hypnosis and Basic Hypnosis courses- link here


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Gerald (Jerry) Kein founded OMNI Hypnosis in 1979


Jerry is recognised globally as one of the leading authorities and instructors of hypnotherapy.As a persistent 13 year old boy he eventually persuaded Dave Elman, considered by many to be the greatest influence in clinicl hypnosis of the 20th century,to teach him about hypnosis and using it as a tool to help others.In fact any existing recording of Dave Elman teaching physicians and dentists would have been recorded by his young protege.Jerry refined the processes Elman used throughout the second half of the last century until the name Dave Elmanbecame globally synonymous with fast and effective clinical hypnosis with OMNI consistently maintaining the core ideology.Jerry further structured many of the techniques to become more efficient and applicable to a wider number of workable processes.

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