Why Hypnosis – Why OmniHypnosis


Students will be taught on the very first day how to hypnotise, afterwhich they will get to learn how to refine and vary the process and learn the new and efficient methods of hypnosis therapy.

You will learn how to fully control a hypnotherapy session and maximise positive outcomes for your clients.

For current Hypnotists: No more endless sessions without results.

Here you learn, among other things, the Dave Elman hypnosis induction, silent hypnosis, fast and instant hypnosis for your practices, regression techniques, control of abreactions, the importance of the pre-talk with a client, a deeper understanding of hypnosis, the process of hypnosis and the applications of hypnosis, universal therapy, the Esdaile state (hypnotic coma), Ultra-Heigth© and much more. Jerry Kein will repeatedly join the class via video alongside Ines Simpson who  will demonstrate all of the techniques live.

   The Only ISO 9001 certified course of its kind in the world 



History of hypnosis
fast and instant hypnosis for advances learners
Gerald Kein‘s “universal therapy”
semantics/theory of meaning
regression techniques step by step
structure of positive suggestion
regression examples
pre-talk of a therapy
hypnosis gestalt therapy
development of rapport and therapy
evolve the client’s goals
hypnosis therapy for abreactions
determination and suggestibility
elimination of fears & phobias
stop smoking
testing suggestibility
pain control techniques
bypassing resistances
armchair and deathbed therapy
role of the conscious mind
role of the unconscious mind
methods for forgiveness therapy

Guidelines for a successful transformation
Ultra-Height© & Ultra-Healing®
hypnotic coma (Esdaile state)
traditional classification of hypnosis
exclusive video interview with Jerry Kein and H. Wipf
unique fast- rapid- und confusion techniques
secret methods for hypnotic inductions
secret methods for hypnotic suggestions
trance management
trance deepening techniques
measuring reactions and trance depth
methods to achieve deep trance!
waking hypnosis methods
direct suggestion techniques
conditioned response techniques
how to teach self-hypnosis to a client (light switch technique)
how to achieve hypnotic coma
hypnotic seal – how to recognize and bypass it
and many “live” demonstrations in class
and many practical exercises
and rare live audio and video footages


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